Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lessons in the Salon Chair

A couple days ago, I went and got my bi-yearly haircut.  Yes, I'm lazy when it comes to getting my hair cut, and tend to wait until I have several inches to get cut off.

While I was in the chair, the woman cutting my hair was telling me how a lot of her clients come in and say that they have waited so long to get a cut because they are lazy.  She believes that they are not lazy, they have just been busy, or wanted to spend their money wisely (by getting fewer cuts), or enjoy letting their hair get a bit long so that they can see the change when they finally get it cut.

That got me thinking: Laziness is a decision.  Whether it's conscience or not, you're making a choice that you'd rather do one thing versus another.  Maybe it's a choice to watch tv instead of wash the dishes.  Maybe it's a choice to put off getting your car fixed because you need to spend the money on something else.  Maybe it's hitting the snooze button on the alarm because you want to sleep more instead of going to the gym.  It might not be an intentional choice, but it's a choice.

I feel like this realization is empowering.  You aren't avoiding cleaning up the house because you have some character flaw that can't be overcome.  You do have a choice in what you want to do.  It might not always be a happy choice (such as in the car example), but it's a choice.  We all have power to make a better choice if we want to!

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